Rethinking pedagogy for a digital age: Designing for 21st century learning

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Pedagogy is in need of a transformation in the 21st century because educators who are passionate about using technologies in their teaching have been questioned about their effectiveness. At the same time, these digital technologies are viewed as just the latest result of creativity that educators possess today just like any other past technologies that used to be innovations as well.

Even though these technologies have not changed human beings’ innate nature of aptitude to learn, they have thoroughly altered how ideas and practices are communicated and the definition of a knowledgeable or competent individual. With the changing job market demands, not only do they expect graduates to possess the following skillset – new forms of literacy and numeracy, adaptability, problem solving, communication; post-compulsory education has also been revised around a model of continuous updating of competence – lifelong learning or continuous professional development.

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