Package 7: Customer Care: Getting it Right

Package 7: Customer Care: Getting it Right

First impressions are not just important; they can be crucial. This is one of the many reasons why getting it right when it comes to customer care is so important. Whether in a commercial environment or a public service, how people are treated when they come to an organisation will determine to a large extent how effectively the organisation concerned meets its objectives. Satisfied customers (patients, clients, service users, students) are the foundation of organisational success. Any organisation will struggle to achieve what it sets out to do if it is not capable of getting it right in terms of how employees (receptionists and other frontline staff) relate to the people who come to them wanting their needs met, their problems solved or their queries answered.

This extensive package of resources contains over an hour of video materials (featuring acted out true-to-life scenes) plus supporting materials that allow for a full day of training or a substantial contribution to a university, college or school module:

  • 1.Introduction
  • 2.Our own experiences of customer care
  • 3.Meet and greet
  • 4.Equality and diversity
  • 5.Telephone skills
  • 6.Hints and tips for best practice
  • 7.Dealing with complaints
  • 8.Conclusion


Supporting materials:


A set of downloadable pdfs which contain:

  • Guidance for trainers and tutors
  • Worksheets
  • Handouts
  • An end-of-course quiz, with answers in a separate document


High-quality customer care must never be an optional extra for organisations serving the public in some way. Providing training for frontline staff is therefore essential. This set of video-based educational resources provides the tools for providing such training.