Package 6: Working with Children and Young People

Children and young people are our future, but they can also face a number of problems and difficulties that can be quite challenging for the people who work with them. This package of resources has therefore been developed to offer a range of materials that can be drawn upon to help develop the knowledge, skills and values needed for working effectively with children and young people.

The five programmes included are:

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol

    Teenagers are exposed to drugs and alcohol through various sources, including media, movies or computer games which may contain anti-social behaviour involving the misuse of drugs or alcohol. Underage drinking is a growing concern as teenagers feel the need to satisfy their curiosity and experience the feeling of being drunk. They can be pressured into drinking through peer pressure outside of school. This is also a problem with drugs, shockingly, rising statistics show teenagers experimenting taking drugs without understanding the serious consequences.

    The Drugs & Alcohol programme includes:

  • 60 minute drama entitled “Echoes of Summer Sin” A story of seven teenagers, whose lives are affected by the decisions they make at a house party which goes out of control. The film drama contains scenes involving the issue of drugs and alcohol and shows the consequences of antisocial behaviour.
  • Module 1 Drugs: A 10 minute factual film illustrating a range of illegal drugs, how they affect behaviour and the long-term effects on health.
  • Module 2 Alcohol: A 10 minute factual film containing shocking facts and statistics about the consequences involved in the misuse of alcohol.

    The Exam On completion of the modules there will be a multiple choice exam.

  • Recognising child abuse
  • Safer sex and relationships

    The Safer Sex and Relationships online programme includes:

  • Introduction to Relationships Module 1 Chlamydia – The Facts
  • Module 2 Gonorrhoea – The Facts
  • Module 3 Pubic Lice – The Facts
  • Module 4 Herpes – The Facts
  • Module 5 HPV Genital Warts – The Facts
  • Module 6 Hepatitis – The Facts
  • Module 7 Syphilis – The Facts
  • Module 8 HIV AIDS – The Facts
  • Module 9 Contraception – What’s Available
  • Module 10 Pregnancy – Parts 1 to 3

    Designed for an audience aged 13-18 years old, this programme has the fundamental objective of discouraging teenagers from rushing into relationships or participating in underage sexual activity. Each module includes worksheets and information films delivering vital facts about sexually transmitted diseases, stressing the importance of practising safer sex. The films in each module contain detailed pictures of the male and female genitals, illustrating various sexually transmitted disease symptoms. Some may find the pictures disturbing, but we feel it is important to ensure we deliver real facts and messages. It is hoped that by exposing teenagers to such pictures, content and information will deter them from engaging in early sexual activity and will stress the importance of using barrier contraception.

    The Exam
    On completion of 10 modules there will be a multiple choice exam.

  • Understanding autism
  • Working with grief

    The learning to be gained from these important resources can help to make a very positive difference to the lives of children and young people and the quality of practice of the various groups of staff who work with them.