Package 5: The Effective Professional

It is very easy for pressures to mount up and get in the way of achieving the best results we are capable of. There is therefore much to be gained by focusing on how we can make sure that we do our best without getting bogged down and distracted from being as effective as we can. This package offers the following five programmes as a basis for offering training and development opportunities in relation to these important issues:

  • Reflective practice
  • Maximising effectiveness
  • Creative problem solving

This programme is an important aid to developing our capacity for creative problem solving. The wider the range of potential solutions we have, the greater our chances of solving our problems will be. This resource has therefore been developed to serve as a foundation for creative problem solving, so that we are not so reliant on a narrow range of problem-solving approaches. The presentation is in three parts:

  • Part One – the focus is on why it is important to have strategies for problem solving.
  • Part Two – takes this a step further by showing why our approach needs to be a creative one.
  • Part Three – provides advice and guidance on how we can be more creative in our problem-solving efforts.

Overall, the presentation and associated materials provide an excellent basis for promoting creative problem solving. This video programme is accompanied by sufficient training materials and worksheets to facilitate a full day’s training or teaching. The suggestions provided can be adapted to suit the particular circumstances in which you intend to use the resource.

  • Managing conflict
  • Handling aggression

These resources offer the wherewithal to develop a solid foundation of understanding to help make sure that staff and managers are not prevented from achieving optimal outcomes in pressurised circumstances.