Package 3: Effective Leadership

There is now a major focus on the importance of leadership in helping organisations face the many significant challenges the modern world brings. The quality of leadership can make all the difference to the effectiveness or otherwise of an organisation and, indeed, can be the deciding factor in determining whether an organisation manages to be just good enough or actually manages to achieve excellence. The following five programmes each address key aspects of leadership:

  • Developing teamwork:
    Poor or non-existent teamwork can be very destructive, causing problems for all concerned, both within the team and outside it. The time, effort and skills involved in developing effective teamwork are therefore a very worthwhile investment. In this presentation leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, gives an overview of what is needed to develop a highly motivated, supportive team and warns of the pitfalls to be avoided. This video programme is accompanied by sufficient training materials and worksheets to facilitate a full day’s training or teaching. The suggestions provided can be adapted to suit the particular circumstances in which you intend to use the resource.
  • Effective leadership
  • Reflective supervision
  • Equality and diversity: neilthompson on PCS analysis
  • Tackling bullying and harassment

The overall impact of these learning resources could be very positive in helping to make very relevant and worthwhile training and development opportunities available for practising and aspiring managers.