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We are pleased to be able to offer important insights into working with children and young people in the form of three sets of video-based learning resources in relation to safer sex and relationships, the effects of drugs and alcohol and understanding autism.

Safer Sex Education and Relationships

Introduction – Relationships, Module 1 – Chlamydia the facts, Module 2 – Gonorrhoea the facts, Module 3 – Pubic lice the facts, Module 4 – Herpes the facts,Module 5 – HPV Genital Warts the facts, Module 6 – Hepatitis the facts, Module 7 – Syphillis the facts, Module 8 – HIV-AIDS the facts, Module 9 – Contraception – What’s available?, Module 10 – Pregnancy – Parts 1-3

Both discs  also contain supporting lesson plans and key factsheets as PDF documents.

The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

This DVD resource has been developed to promote awareness among young people of the dangers of the misuse of drugs and alcohol. It comprises three films (a drama and two informational presentation) and additional learning exercises, including worksheets. Enough materials are provided to run a one-day course or provide input into a number of teaching sessions as part of a school, college or university module. The resource could also be used as part of a groupwork programme by youth workers, social workers and/or public health professionals.

Understanding Autism

Film 1: Swings n Roundabouts (30 minutes) – A short film about an insight into a young girl’s life living with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder). Alice attends a playgroup every week but the play workers can’t understand why Alice can’t follow instructions and lashes out. They come to the point where they have to ask for help and bring in a play worker with an understanding of Alice’s disorder. With help from Sally, Alice’s behaviour improves over time by the new techniques Sally puts into place to manage her behaviour and they build a trusting relationship.

Film 2: Parenting an autistic child (35 minutes) – An introduction by Dr Neil Thompson explaining what autism is in brief terms, referring to three areas of difficulty including communication, social interaction and social imagination. This film features a real case study by parents of an autistic child telling their story of the difficulties and challenges they have had to deal and live with.

Film 3: Working with autistic children (20 minutes) – This film also contains interviews with various practitioners who work with autistic children telling us their experiences in working with autistic children and talking through methods and techniques used to improve on communication and relationship building with autistic children.

This DVD resource also contains supporting data documents including a PowerPoint presentation and work sheets for running a training course using the three films on this DVD.


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