PROMETHEUS – Excellence in Social Work



Prometheus means ‘forethought’. In Greek Legend, he was renowned for stealing fire from the gods and making a gift of it to ordinary people.

This programme explores the key elements of effective social work and lays the foundations for the highest-quality practice. It will be of value to newly qualified social workers to establish an ideal to work towards and more established practitioners who want to achieve the best results they can.


1. Collaborative learning programmes are structured programmes of learning extending over 3 months. They include the provision of multimedia learning resources, a workbook and expert online tutorial input.

2. This Collavorative Learning Programme is designed for an initial registration of a minimum of 20 participants from as little as £50 per person. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. You will then receive an invoice and login details

3. We may be able to develop additional programmes to suit your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements



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