Supervision Skills



A Learning and Development Manual by Neil Thompson and Peter Gilbert

Getting the best out of staff owes so much to the skill and commitment of the supervisor. An effective supervisor is able to create win-win situations where everybody is happy: the employee fulfils their potential; the employers get the best return on their investment; and people who use the organisation’s services benefit from the quality of the staff member’s practice.

This clear and well-written set of resources provides:

  • background information about the role and significance of supervision.
  • A set of learning exercises carefully designed to promote professional development.
  • A sound foundation for helping supervisors develop the skills they need to do their job to the best of their ability.

If you are in the business of helping supervisors develop their knowledge, skills and confidence, this manual provides a foundation for:

  • Running training courses.
  • Carrying out staff development activities.
  • Planning teaching sessions as part of a college or university programme of teaching.

ISBN 978-1-905541-62-1


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