Supervision and Leadership Set




Getting the best out of staff is a key role for managers and leaders. The three DVDs in this set offer a sound foundation for doing this well, including a focus on reflective supervision (rather than causing resentment by just ‘checking up’ on people), building successful teams and being an effective leader.

Reflective Supervision

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to developing high-quality supervisory practice in organisations. Effective supervision has the potential to bring out the best in staff, especially when it is reflective supervision, rather than a purely instrumental ‘checking up’ process. However, making the most of supervision sessions is a skilled activity. This presentation, by leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, provides a clear picture of what is needed to make supervision an empowering and effective process. It offers a strong basis of learning for both supervisors and supervisees.

Developing Teamwork

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to helping organisations to benefit from the distinct advantages of having well-developed teamwork. It provides an overview of a range of key issues relating to the effective functioning of teams in organisations across the public, private, voluntary and educational sectors.

Poor or non-existent teamwork can be very destructive, causing problems for all concerned, both within the team and outside it. The time, effort and skills involved in developing effective teamwork are therefore a very worthwhile investment. In this presentation leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, gives an overview of what is needed to develop a highly motivated, supportive team and warns of the pitfalls to be avoided.

Effective Leadership

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to promoting high standards of leadership. It is increasingly being recognised that leadership can be a key factor in ensuring organisational success. This resource helps to lay the foundations for effective leadership by providing a clear picture of what is involved in high quality practice.

The presentation is in three parts. The first explores the relationship between leadership and management, and argues that it is not only managers who can be leaders. The second part identifies a set of principles of good practice to act as a basis for developing our knowledge, skills and confidence as leaders. The third part discusses various obstacles and pitfalls that need to be avoided if leaders are to be successful in their quest to help people achieve their best.


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