Stress Matters




Stress Matters: Keeping Stress at Bay by Neil Thompson

Stress has become a major problem in the modern workplace. But stress is not inevitable. There are ways and means of preventing it and of dealing with it effectively if or when it does arise. Critical of the common mistaken assumption that ‘stress is good for you’, this important book distinguishes between pressure, which can be positive or negative, and stress which, by definition, is harmful. Most approaches are two dimensional (pressures and coping), but here Dr Thompson emphasises the need for a three-dimensional approach (with support as the dimension that is so often omitted).

This practical guide provides a sound understanding of the key elements of stress, arguing that many common approaches to stress oversimplify the complex issues involved. It offers an excellent foundation for equipping yourself to manage the pressures you face and to support others in managing their pressures and challenges.


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