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Allowing ourselves to become bogged in unthinking practices based on habit and routines can prevent us from fulfilling our potential. This 3-DVD set therefore presents invaluable learning resources relating to reflective practice, creative problem solving and maximising effectiveness.

Reflective Practice

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to helping to provide a foundation for informed, reflective practice as an alternative to routine, uncritical practice. It provides an important platform for developing high-quality professional practice. The presentation is divided into three parts. In the first part a number of myths that have grown up around reflective practice are dispelled. In the second part the focus is on the key question of: what is reflective practice? The third is entitled ‘Making it happen’ and is concerned with the steps we need to take to make reflective practice a reality. Overall, this resource provides very useful source material for understanding and developing reflective practice.

Creative Problem Solving

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to developing our capacity for creative problem solving. The wider the range of potential solutions we have, the greater our chances of solving our problems will be. This resource has therefore been developed to serve as a foundation for creative problem solving, so that we are not so reliant on a narrow range of problem-solving approaches.

The presentation is in three parts. In the first the focus is on why it is important to have strategies for problem solving. Part Two takes this a step further by showing why our approach needs to be a creative one, and Part Three provides advice and guidance on how we can be more creative in our problem solving efforts. Overall, the DVD presentation and associated materials provide an excellent basis for promoting creative problem solving.

Maximising Effectiveness 

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to getting the best return on our investment of time, effort and energy, both individually and collectively as teams or whole organisations. Being as effective as we can in today’s highly pressurised workplaces is a major challenge for us all. This important presentation by leading author, Dr Neil Thompson, takes Edward de Bono’s well-known work on the ‘six thinking hats’ approach and extends it by adding the all-important seventh hat of equality and diversity. This is an essential learning resource for all busy organisations and all employees under pressure to produce the best results in pressurised circumstances.


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