Outcome-focused Practice (Licenced)



There is now a concerted effort to move away from consumerist approaches that focus primarily on service delivery and the rationing of scarce resources towards more empowering, problem-solving approaches. This course helps participants to appreciate what is involved in outcome-focused practice and identifies the changes needed to move in a positive direction.

Participants will be helped to:

  • Appreciate the importance of negotiating clear and explicit outcomes to be achieved
  • Understand the key difference between an outcome focus and a consistent focus on delivery
  • Be better equipped to develop outcome-focused practice and an outcome-focused culture


This e-learning course is available on a 12-month licence for up to 20 people. This means that up to 20 members of your organisation can complete the course within the licence period.

You can use PayPal, credit/debit card, direct bank transfer or VAT invoice to pay for your licence. Subsequent to your purchase we will contact you to provide you with individual login details for up to 20 people. If you wish to have an invoice issued, please contact us. Please note that if you choose direct bank transfer or invoice as a payment method, login details will not be issued until payment has been received.

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1. The price shown is exclusive of VAT and an extra 20% will be added at the checkout.

2. If you wish to make the course available to more than 20 people or you want the licence to last longer than 12 months, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

3. This course is also available for individuals.


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