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This DVD has been prepared to help a wide variety of people to develop their understanding of conflict and therefore be better equipped to deal with the challenges that conflict presents. It is a 30-minute presentation that is divided into three parts. Part One discusses the prevalence and impact of conflict, making the point that conflict is far more common than people generally realise and also potentially very problematic in a variety of ways. Part Two examines four different levels of conflict and explains why it is important to distinguish between them. The final part introduces ‘The RED Approach’ as a basis for managing conflict. This DVD offers a sound foundation for more confident and effective approaches to conflict situations.

The presenter

Dr Neil Thompson is well-known in the people professions as an author, trainer, consultant and conference speaker. He has over 100 publications to his name, including several bestselling books. He has held full or honorary professorships at four UK universities and is currently a director of Avenue Consulting Ltd.

Who is the resource for?

As conflict is part of life, then the range of people who can benefit from a better understanding of how to deal with it is potentially very broad indeed. This includes members of the helping professions broadly defined (social work and social care; nursing and other health care professions; probation and youth justice work; youth and community work; advice work; counselling and psychotherapy; and so on); teachers; police staff; prison officers; managers, supervisors and human resource professionals across all sectors; as well as anyone involved in a customer service-type role. Trainers, tutors, teachers and managers involved in helping any of the above groups to learn will find this DVD a useful resource.


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