Life Changes: Managing Parents’ and Children’s Emotions



By Wendy Goddard

Tried and tested with hundreds of families, in a variety of contexts and often with those facing life’s most difficult circumstances… a deserted wife having to raise her children alone in unsuitable accommodation; a teenage mother without the comfort of a family to support her; those who are struggling through ill-health and financial insecurity… often such losses cause anger and despair, with many parents believing there is nothing they can do…

This course’s easy-to-follow sessions let facilitators take parents – of children of any age – carers, grandparents, foster-carers and parents-to-be – through a variety of exercises to:

  • Understand their anger and depression
  • Become more able to cope with changes
  • Become more confident, resilient and positive about life, and so be more able to recover from events and to move on with their lives.

Children and young people are uncertain about themselves and their future, and often very uncomfortable with change. Our attitude, as parents, sets an example for our children: if we are self-aware, able to cope with our emotions, and able to relate well to others, we will model for our children a way of dealing with adversity.

ISBN: 978-1-905541-50-8


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