Investigative Interviewing of Children – Achieving Best Evidence



By Liz Davies

Designed to help improve the investigative interviewing of child victims and witnesses in possible child abuse cases – and entirely applicable when undertaking investigative interviews with children in any other circumstances – this manual provides material for extensive, advanced-level joint training of police officers and social workers. It diligently follows statutory guidance on interviewing child victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings, in ways that are made directly relevant to possible child abuse cases. This is high level material. Its successful delivery requires the direct co-operation of appropriately skilled and experienced police officers and social workers, working together, to deliver the training. A wide range of activities is presented in order to achieve clear learning objectives and, although some choices of material are offered, trainers should follow the suggested programme, which is timed to run over a full 5-day week. Ideally any social worker or police officer undertaking this training would already have gone through the Joint Investigation in Child Protection training. It contains 20 presentations and 23 activities which include a wide range of materials suited to adult learning.

ISBN: 978-1-905541-33-1


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