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We are now seeing an increasing emphasis on the importance of dignity at work issues. We are therefore pleased to be able to offer video-based learning resources relating to tackling bullying and harassment, promoting equality and diversity and managing conflict.

Equality and Diversity: Dr Neil Thompson on PCS Analysis

This DVD has been prepared as an aid to promoting equality and valuing diversity to be used by training facilitators, tutors and teachers involved in helping people to appreciate the complexities of discrimination. It is intended to help learners to be in a stronger position to avoid the difficulties of oversimplification that have dogged efforts to promote equality over the years.

Neil Thompson’s work on ‘PCS analysis’ has become a mainstay of teaching on numerous degree courses around the UK and further afield. His ideas have been highly praised for producing a coherent analytical framework that helps us to understand that discrimination is not simply a matter of personal prejudice. The reality is much more complex than this insofar as discrimination can be seen to operate at three separate but interconnected levels: Personal, Cultural and Structural (hence the term, PCS analysis).

Over the years Neil has been one of many people who has been critical of oversimplified and dogmatic approaches to discrimination that have alienated so many people and discredited so many efforts to promote equality and value diversity. In this presentation Neil clearly explains the basis of PCS analysis and, in so doing, reinforces the idea that tackling discrimination is an important undertaking, but needs a sophisticated understanding to prevent the problems that have featured in this field in the past (and still do in some quarters). PCS analysis offers the basis for that more sophisticated understanding. This DVD should therefore be seen as an essential resource for everyone involved in education and training geared towards promoting equality and valuing diversity.

Tackling Bullying and Harassment

This DVD has been prepared to help a wide variety of people to develop their understanding of the need to tackle bullying and harassment in the workplace. It is a 35-minute presentation that is divided into five parts.

Part One defines and explains bullying and harassment Part Two explores the causes underlying the problems involved. Part Three outlines the costs of bullying and harassment. Part Four discusses how we can prevent these unacceptable behaviours from occurring. The final part examines how we can and should respond to bullying and harassment when they do arise. This DVD offers a sound foundation for more confident and effective approaches to situations that involve bullying and harassment.

Managing Conflict

This DVD has been prepared to help a wide variety of people to develop their understanding of conflict and therefore be better equipped to deal with the challenges that conflict presents. It is a 30-minute presentation that is divided into three parts. Part One discusses the prevalence and impact of conflict, making the point that conflict is far more common than people generally realise and also potentially very problematic in a variety of ways. Part Two examines four different levels of conflict and explains why it is important to distinguish between them. The final part introduces ‘The RED Approach’ as a basis for managing conflict. This DVD offers a sound foundation for more confident and effective approaches to conflict situations.


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