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Stress has been recognised as a widespread problem with potentially major harmful consequences for all concerned. However, many approaches to stress have proved counterproductive because they oversimplify some very complex issues. What is needed is an approach based on a much more sophisticated understanding of the issues involved.

This set of three DVDs has been prepared as a learning resource for organisations committed to not only fulfilling health and safety requirements by preventing stress, but also supporting their staff in maximising their potential. Each of the three presentations is approximately 30 minutes in length.

DVD 1: Understanding Stress This is an introductory presentation for everyone concerned with the problem of stress. It explains the difference between pressure and stress and emphasises the need to understand the three dimensions of stress (pressures – coping – support). It also outlines the various costs to be paid for not dealing effectively with stress.

DVD 2: Meeting the Stress Challenge This second presentation focuses on the individual’s responsibility for keeping pressures within manageable limits. It also helps learners to understand the causes of stress. It provides a foundation for preventing stress.

DVD 3: Managing Stress This final presentation emphasises the manager’s role in keeping stress at bay. This covers legal and professional requirements, identifies some common pitfalls to avoid and highlights positive steps that managers can take. It provides a firm basis for effective management and positive leadership.

The presentations can be used as part of in-service training in a wide variety of organisations or as part of a specific module or teaching stream at universities, colleges or schools. The DVD also contains guidance on how each presentation can be used, together with additional learning resources to complement them.

The presenter

Dr Neil Thompson is an author who has published extensively on the subject of stress and related matters. He has held full or honorary professorships at four UK universities and is now the managing director of Avenue Consulting Ltd, a company specialising in promoting well-being and a sought-after consultant, trainer and conference speaker.

Who is the resource for?

No organisation or sector of the community is immune to stress, and so the range of people who can benefit from this learning resource is very wide indeed. Trainers delivering workshops on stress management will find this an invaluable resource, as will tutors covering stress and related topics as part of their university or college programme. Teachers wanting to prepare students for avoiding stress in their future working lives will also be able to use these resources to good effect.


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