Safer Sex Education and Relationships (Licenced)



Designed for an audience aged 13-18 years old, this course has the fundamental objective of discouraging teenagers from rushing into relationships or participating in underage sexual activity. Each module includes information films and also key facts sheets delivering vital facts about sexually transmitted diseases, stressing the importance of practising safer sex. The films in each module contain detailed pictures of the male and female genitals, illustrating various sexually transmitted disease symptoms. Some may find the pictures disturbing, but we feel it is important to ensure we deliver real facts and messages. It is hoped that by exposing teenagers to such pictures, content and information will deter them from engaging in early sexual activity and will stress the importance of using barrier contraception. On completion of 10 modules there will be a multiple choice exam.The course is the equivalent of a half-day’s learning, but please note that timings are approximate as different people work at different rates.The course is made up of 10 video modules, key facts sheets and a multiple choice exam at the end to test the learning of the student.

The modules include:

• Introduction to Relationships
• Module 1 Chlamydia – The Facts
• Module 2 Gonorrhoea – The Facts
• Module 3 Pubic Lice – The Facts
• Module 4 Herpes – The Facts
• Module 5 HPV Genital Warts – The Facts
• Module 6 Hepatitis – The Facts
• Module 7 Syphilis – The Facts
• Module 8 HIV AIDS – The Facts
• Module 9 Contraception – What’s Available
• Module 10 Pregnancy – Parts 1 to 3

  • Be aware of the consequences when not using a contraceptive barrier when having sex and understand the range of different forms of contraception available for practicing safer sex
  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted infections and how they can be a huge risk to your health
  • Understand the issues that can occur before, during and after pregnancy


This e-learning course is available on a 12-month licence for up to 20 people. This means that up to 20 members of your organisation can complete the course within the licence period.

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3. This course is also available for individuals.



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