a) Avenue Professional Development Programme

A subscription-based online learning community available in Silver and Gold pathways. Click the link for further information : The Avenue Professional Development Programme

Please note that this is a learning community. To get the many benefits of being a member of a supportive community of fellow learners, you will need to participate in online discussions. If you are not prepared to make the commitment to participate, please do not sign up, as non-participation defeats the object of self-directed learning. Please only sign up if you are prepared to empower yourself by taking charge of your own learning with the support of others.

‘Participating in the programme provides a strong and accessible point of reference for my own personal learning needs. The quality of materials, supported by a dynamic community of other individual learners, provides a real incentive. I feel I have applied my own learning and work-based preoccupations into tangible outcomes, in ways that more traditional face-to-face ‘training’ hasn’t enabled. I have been challenged, and helped to see the value of a learning model that I am responsible for and that, consequently, I get more out of. I would recommend it for individuals, for teams and organisations. It made me consider the comparative outlay for ‘training’ events that appeared to do little more than meet agency requirements against the benefits of seeing the genuine pleasure of a staff group taking responsibility for their work-based learning. ‘ NH

‘I genuinely think that since becoming a member of the Programme my professional confidence has further increased, especially when faced with particularly challenging situations at work. I feel better equipped in a multi-agency context, because the other members have helped increase my awareness and understanding of the various roles within the people professions, which I have found especially useful. Joining in the seminar discussions is what I like and there are plenty of opportunities to do this. I have found the atmosphere to be warm and welcoming from the first day I came on board. There is mutual respect for each other’s contributions and suggestions. It is brilliant to mix with newly qualified professionals as well as very experienced ones – there is such a rich mix which creates just the right environment for those with an inquiring mind. Dr Neil Thompson provides guidance and a wealth of professional and academic knowledge. I would highly recommend joining to further develop your professional practice experience – this is such a great opportunity not to be missed.’ JC

You can pay £10 inc, VAT a month on the Silver pathway or £100 inc VAT a month on the Gold pathway. Further information on the Silver and Gold pathways can be found on the product page below. Annual payment options are also available.


The price shown is exclusive of VAT and an extra 20% will be added at the checkout.

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