Career development: Learning whilst you work

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For those of us who, frankly, couldn’t wait to leave school, the idea of signing up to further training later in life is not exactly tempting. The thought of going back into the classroom and sitting listening to a teacher all day – however imaginative the lesson – is a big turn-off for many. Not only that, but the sheer inconvenience of having to turn up to classes in a specific place at set times can be extremely tricky for those with family and work commitments.

But the good news is all that doesn’t have to be a barrier to continuing professional development, now that there is such a wide range of distance learning providers, providing an effective and accessible alternative. These types of courses are becoming increasingly popular with both companies and individuals, with a 2012 article from The Guardian reporting how The Higher Education Academy found that employers favoured distance learning as a way of delivering career-related study.

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