How the banners work

In the main menu there are links to banners you may use to advertise your affiliates link and promote the Avenue products. Click on the relevant banner section and you will see a selection of different sized banners with a link underneath. This is already coded so that all you need to do is copy and paste the code into a widget or area in your website. For example :

<a href=”″><img width=”125″ height=”125″ src=”” alt=”banner_125x125-Vlearning” /></a>

You will notice that the link to the website has your individual affiliates number in it. Next the image link is seen with the path to where it is stored on our website. When you place this your link in your website it will automatically show the banner and any sales on the Avenue website will be credited to you.


Stat counter

In the sidebar there is a stat counter that measures hits to the Avenue website from your banners and links. It records all the useful information that will help you to measure how successful your affiliates campaign has been.


Affiliates Link

In the affiliates area you have a personalised home page which shows your affiliate link. For example :
<a href="">Affiliate link</a>

These are the bare minimum you need to be able to point potential customers to the Avenue website. For example, anyone clicking on the link will be directed to the Avenue website and any sales generated will be credited to you. This is an alternative to using banners, but not as attractive. However, you can use this link as with the banners link above and use your own image to promote the Avenue website.